I am so deeply appreciative of the opportunity to have run for House District 75. Although I lost my race, it was an honor to be the Democratic candidate for Jefferson County.

Montana was definitely hit by a red wave this election. We had some wonderful candidates that just couldn’t overcome the stigma of being a Democrat. But given all of the statewide losses, Jefferson County came out of this red wave pretty well. Edie McClafferty won her race and will represent Jefferson County and Butte as our senator. Edie has a history of working hard within the Democratic Caucus as well as working successfully across the aisle on issues including mental health resources and environmental issues. And Donovan Hawk, a first-time legislator from Butte, will be watching out for our interests as well. Donovan has worked with many of us here in the County and I know you all join me in congratulating him and Edie on their wins.

In addition, House District 75 will be represented by Republican Marta Bertoglio. Marta is a long-time resident, business owner, and school board member in Jefferson County. She shares my belief that government works best when both sides make a commitment to work together for the best of the community. I wish Marta well and look forward to working with her during the legislative session.

The very best part of this campaign process has been the opportunity to meet and work with wonderful folks up and down the Boulder Valley. Thank you all for being so welcoming; for working so hard; for contributing time and money; and for the new friendships. Campaigning in COVID has been difficult. Thank you all for your support. I know we will continue to work together for our communities.

Warmest regards,